EffectIO WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields 1.15.0

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WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields allows you to use WooCommerce as a CRM system so order information is centralized within dashboard. Version: 1.15.0

Released on: 2020-12-11

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WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields extension allows your team to use WooCommerce as a complete Customer Relationship Management system so order information is centralized where the orders actually happen — right within your WooCommerce dashboard.

Say goodbye to all of the hassle of keeping track of order information in a million different places!

WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields extension allows you to standardize order details, keep all order information in WooCommerce and not scattered across multiple systems, and sort or filter orders based on your custom order information. All order details, notes, fields, and information addition can be streamlined right within the order itself.

WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields features:

  • Create order details to add/edit from the admin Orders Dashboard
  • Centralize order details that can easily be edited by all team members
  • Sort or filter orders displayed based on your custom order fields
  • Optionally display order fields/details to customers
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets or other external systems to manage order notes/details
  • Streamline your CRM system by centralizing everything in WooCommerce

Make Your Order Management Efficient

If you’ve been using order notes to add order details, or been using an outside system to track order details, you know that it’s hard to keep all of this information updated, especially if it needs to be shared between team members. Adding all of these details within WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields as order fields will simplify record-keeping so that all details are managed right within WooCommerce and visible to all team members. By default, all admin order fields are hidden from customers. Even better, you can sort or filter orders based on these fields.

Optionally Display Order Fields to Customers

Set the order field attribute to “Show in My Orders/Email”, and customers will be able to view that field with the rest of their order details.

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Easily add custom fields to your WooCommerce orders and display them in the Orders admin, the My Orders section, and even order emails!

*** WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields Changelog ***

2020.12.07 - version 1.15.0
 * Fix - Fix an issue that was showing "January 1970" as a filter option in the orders filters when an order had empty values for required date custom fields
 * Fix - Fix a bug when single quotes are filled in text fields
 * Fix - Save the default values for select, multiselect, radio, and checkbox fields properly once orders are placed
 * Fix - Ensure that, when filtering orders by text fields, the chosen value is persisted in the enhanced dropdown placeholder as the page reloads


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