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Automatic Updates

Quickly install and update all your plugins with EffectIO Dashboard. Once you’re connected, you’ll receive the updates that come with your subscription automatically.

Our plugins are constantly updated and verified, and by that, secured from all hacks that might break your shop.

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Stops Nagging Notifications

The Dashboard blocks most of the ads and notifications from your admin panel that do not have a close button.

We know, those are the most annoying ones. We want to provide you with the best user experience and that includes a nice and clean interface.

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Minimum Resources

EffectIO Dashboard is small and loads super fast, with almost no impact on your site speed. And because it blocks ads and notifications, it actually speeds it up.

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Benny O'Brien@benny_obie

The quick response from a friendly team member at @effectioshop honestly caught me off guard.
Nice work!

Stuart Boyle@stuart_boyle

@effectioshop As an eCommerce developer, effectio.org has enabled me to reach higher expectations and my clients are very happy.

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