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You are here because you ask yourself, how can this offer be this good?
Is it for real?

Short answer? It is. Why? Read Along

How It Works

Instead of charging you a huge amount in the beginning we become your “partners” – if your shop grows, you will stay as a member. We are here to help you obtain exactly that. Sell more and build a successful online store.

All plugins here are GPL in nature, so we improved their codebase and made it simpler for you to get results by using them. Installation and updates are now a breeze thanks to our EffectIO Dashboard

ngo free software


Even though the code is mostly the same as for other vendors, we offer an extra updater to simplify site management and security for you.

That is our $17.99 / Month deal for you, for all the items. Yes, it’s similar to WPMU Dev or YITH offers and functionalities and you also get a better deal for your $.

Downloads, Updates and Discounts

We have an automatic update service here that works in 2 ways:

  • per Product, you have one year of updates¬†
  • per Club Membership, you gain access to all 200 plugins and updates as long as you are a subscriber, for $17.99 every Month.

All updates work with our sweet EffectIO Dashboard

Money Back Guarantee

All items are working and are thoroughly tested. They have no limitations of features

If the items have errors and we cannot help you fix them we give you the money back.

If you make money with your shop you will surely see the value of our subscription on the long run.

I have some other questions, how can we get in touch?

We have a Ticketing Section for technical questions and a chat for the Pre-Sales

We can guarantee an answer on things that are out of the ordinary. Check back HERE on the status of your tickets too.

Secure Chekout

SSL Payments

Always Updated

Answered Questions

What is EffectIO?

EffectIO builts and maintains EffectIO Dashboard, a free plugin manager for WordPress and WooCommerce that offers deals, automatic updates and recommendations straight from your WordPress Admin Panel.

What makes EffectIO Different?

Unlike other services that offer GPL licensed WordPress and WooCommerce plugins, EffectIO provides an easy-to-use plugin that takes the hassle out of managing plugin and themes updates manually.

How many items are available

There are now over 200 WooCommerce and WordPress Plugins and Themes in the shop. As a Club Member you will have access to all of them with 100% Discount.

How many sites can I activate them?

The standard 17.99$ a month license let's you update them automatically on 5 sites each. For more sites please open a support ticket and we'll add you on the affiliate program.

How much does the Club Membership cost?

We are running a deal now for $17.99 a month only, down from the usual $24.99 This gives you updates for as long as you are a memers on all plugins and themes in the shop.

Why is this offer this good?

The WooCommerce eco-system can be confusing and expensive (especially for people starting out their first business.) Freelancers, Small Business Owners and Agencies can benefit from a low-cost fixed monthly fee without worrying about investing in the beginning a large amount or money or getting into a long term contract with the ecommerce provider.