Making The WordPress Ecosystem Stronger

Are you asking yourself, how can this offer be this good? Is it for real? Short answer? It Is. Why? Read along

How It Works

Instead of charging you a huge amount in the beginning, we become your “partners”. If your shop grows, you will stay as a member. We are here to help you obtain exactly that. Sell more and build a successful online store.

All plugins here are GPL in nature, so we improved their codebase and made it simpler for you to get results by using them. Installation and updates are now a breeze thanks to our EffectIO Dashboard.

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WooCommerce Free Plugins Always Updated


Even though the code is mostly the same as for other vendors, we offer you a free tool to simplify site management and security for you.

EffectIO Dashboard helps you update and license all plugins and themes at the push of a button. Build your first shop or improve an existing one. In either case, this Free Plugin Manager offers hassle-free updates for premium plugins, secured and all in one place. 

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Includes More Than 200 Plugins and Themes With Automatic Updates

Start Free by installing and activating them through our one click EffectIO Dashboard

Downloads, Updates and Discounts

We have an automatic update service here that works in 2 ways:

  • per Product, you have one year of updates 
  • per Gold Membership, you gain access to more than 200 plugins and updates as long as you are a subscriber, for $17.99 every month.

All updates work with our sweet EffectIO Dashboard, the ultimate plugin manager that stops nagging notifications and updates all plugins smoothly.

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WooCommerce Free Plugins Automatic Updates
WooCommerce Free Plugins Free Downloads

Money Back Guarantee

All items are working and are thoroughly tested. They have no limitations of features. If the items have errors and we cannot help you fix them, we give you the money back.

We believe that the entire ecosystem can be confusing and expensive. Hence, we offer freelancers, small business owners and agencies a low-cost monthly fee in order to stop worrying about investing a large amount of money in the beginning. If you make money with your shop you will surely see the value of our subscription in the long run.

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I Want to Get In Touch

We have a Ticketing Section for technical questions and a chat for the Pre-Sales

We can guarantee an answer on things that are out of the ordinary. Check back HERE on the status of your tickets too.

Get Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Is EffectIO?

EffectIO believes in equal chances in technology for all and is committed to supporting youth in their technology learning path. What started as a small team with a low office footprint is now distributed worldwide, on 3 continents. Our team trains and mentors youth in disadvantaged areas around the world.

Since all successful journeys start with a purpose in mind, our ambition is to build and maintain EffectIO Dashboard. The Ultimate Free Plugin Manager for WordPress and WooCommerce offers automatic updates, deals and recommendations straight from your WordPress Admin Panel.

What Makes EffectIO Different?

Unlike other services that offer GPL licensed WordPress and WooCommerce plugins, EffectIO provides an easy-to-use plugin that takes the hassle out of managing plugin and themes updates manually.

EffectIO Dashboard gets rid of ads and nagging notification in the WordPress Admin Panel and lets you update all your plugins at the push of a button. The Automatic Updates feature lets you quickly install and update all your plugins with EffectIO Dashboard. As soon as you connect your account, you’ll receive the updates that come with your subscription automatically.

What Is GPL?

GPL refers to the GNU General Public Licence, which is the most used free software license. WordPress, as well as almost all the top plugins, themes and add-ons available follow the GPL. In other words, this means that you can distribute derivative work under the same license terms. EffectIO provides files that are fully licensed under the GPL license, identically to WordPress and WooCommerce.

How Many Items Are Available?

Our Gold Memberships grants you access to more than 800 WooCommerce and WordPress Plugins and Themes. In fact, this deal comes with 100% Discount and access to the ultimate free plugin manager.

How Many Sites Can I Activate Them?

The standard $17.99 a month gold membership lets you update them automatically on unlimited sites each.

How Much Does The Gold Membership Cost?

We are running a deal now for $17.99 a month only, down from the usual $24.99. This gives you updates on all plugins and themes in the shop, for as long as you are a member.

Why Is This Offer This Good?

The WooCommerce ecosystem can be confusing and expensive (especially for people starting out their first business). Freelancers, small business owners and agencies can benefit from a low-cost fixed monthly fee without worrying about investing a large amount of money, especially in the beginning, or getting into a long-term contract with the eCommerce provider.

All the plugins and themes are licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public Licence). This means that once we have purchased the item, we are free to distribute it if we choose to do so. Furthermore, we do not offer full technical support, due to the nature of our repository.