Manage all your WordPress Sites

Updates for 2000 Premium Plugins and Themes. Cloud Sites Manager. 10 GB Backup Storage Included.


Agencies from 80 Countries

Manage multiple WordPress sites as an Agency or your first WooCommerce shop. Update all the premium plugins and themes on your sites. Build on top of open source code base by using only the most high quality plugins and themes.

Premium Updates

Install any plugin or theme that we offer with one click. More than 2000 items are now available. Update the plugins you already have installed on your site.

Plugins and themes are constantly updated and verified on our staging sites to work properly.



Use code EFFECTIO at checkout

Premium Support

Multi channel ticketing support for agencies. We check sites for reliability, speed, compatibility, recommend plugins and themes for your agency. All this is included for all users on the Standard Plan.



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Managed WP

Based on MainWP open source codebase, improved and enhanced by Veilis. Use a well known platform to run all operations on your site, monitor what is happening and optimize the time dedicated to managing your sites.

Create your clients’ profiles, add sites, append Tags to them. Update sites, wp core, plugins and translations across all sites.

Install, Activate, Deactivate, Update or Delete plugins and themes from the same interface.



Use code EFFECTIO at checkout

WooCommerce Free Plugins Activate instantly

Zero Hosting

We host the WordPress Manager on our infrastructure. A high performance hosting would cost you > $20 a month and come with hassle and extra work for updates, security patches and optimizations. We run Redis Cache for all our customers, a service that is $100 a month with other providers.



Use code EFFECTIO at checkout

Time saving features. Money saving benefits.


Time saver for managing multiple sites. Analyze and run your normal updates on tens of sites at once. Roll-back protection for updates.


Fast maintenance on all your sites. Investigate issues, update items, identify threats, create users and more.


Thousands of premium updates already included. Monitor and update all items on your site, even the ones installed from other sources.


Send your clients personalized reports and invoice all the work done on their sites. Provide insights and access to premium items.


Backups your sites locally or on 3-rd party S3 compatible server. Up to 100GB free storage. Regular, secure and encrypted backups.


More features available to activate for your sites: staging, security scans, file upload and more.

Benny O'Brien@benny_obie

The quick response from a friendly team member at @effectioshop honestly caught me off guard.
Nice work!

Stuart Boyle@stuart_boyle

@effectioshop As an eCommerce developer, has enabled me to reach higher expectations and my clients are very happy.

Premium Items, Updates and WP Manager

Our 2000 Premium Activated plugins. All working, with constant updates. All Activated. Your get access to them all, the WordPress Manager based on MainWP and all the premium add-ons and performant hosting for your platform.

This would cost you hundreds a month, we got a deal for $ 49.99 for everything!


Use code EFFECTIO at checkout


Do you offer free trials? Regrettably, we do not provide free trials for our premium offering. This policy exists because each client necessitates a certain degree of effort and attention on our part. To ensure optimal service for our existing clientele, we limit our resources to those who subscribe to our product.

Can you help me with customizations? With our Standard Plan, we are more than willing to assist with the installation, activation, and updating of components on your site. Most of your needs can be met without customization, purely by exploiting the full potential of our premium offerings. In due course, we plan to introduce enhanced plans to cater to the intricate needs of more demanding agencies.

Do you offer hosting? Indeed we do. Kindly initiate a support ticket, and our team will provide details about the hosting services that we can assist you with.

I have a project and need some developers to work with. We are equipped to assist you or your team with managing your existing sites or setting up new ones from the ground up. However, please note that our team does not extend support for mobile applications, custom integrations, or payment processors.

Do you offer refunds? Our refund policy is tailored to individual circumstances. If you find yourself unsatisfied or encounter issues, we are open to providing a refund. We respect our customers’ time and effort and anticipate the same level of consideration in return.

Do you offer support SLA? On the standard plan we expect to answer all tickets in 12 hours. For mission critical sites we’ll have something ready soon.

Do you provide training or tutorials for using your product? We can help you with guidance but as we base a lot of our tooling on open source software, there are already lots of guides online. Better to offer best case practices advice for our customers.


Pre-sales? Technical questions?

Open a support ticket and get in touch. Our team is ready to take care of your WordPress sites.

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