EffectIO GP Populate Anything 1.03.43

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Populate fields from posts, users, entries, or databases. Version: 1.03.43

Released on: 2019-12-17

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Populate fields from posts, users, entries, or databases.

Populate fields from posts, users, entries, or databases.

# Changelog

## 1.0-beta-3.43

 - Added support for Gravity Forms Slider Field add-on (by Bhagwant Banger).

## 1.0-beta-3.42

 - Fixed potential conflict with GP eCommerce Fields.

## 1.0-beta-3.41

 - Fixed potential recursion with circular dependencies in dynamically populated fields.
 - Fixed issue where Pricing fields would not show properly on multipage forms when used with the Partial Entries Add-on and GPPA.

## 1.0-beta-3.40

 - Added new 'gppa_merge_tag_values_replaced' jQuery event that's triggered after Live Merge Tags are replaced.

## 1.0-beta-3.39

 - Fixed regression with Field Value Objects in the Form Editor.
 - Fixed regression with editing GPPA-powered fields in the admin entry view.

## 1.0-beta-3.38



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Nice work!

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