EffectIO WooCommerce FedEx Shipping 3.7.3

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WooCommerce FedEx Shipping lets you get shipping rates from the FedEx API which handles both domestic and international parcels. Version: 3.7.3

Released on: 2023-05-26

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Find out more about WooCommerce FedEx Shipping

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping makes it possible for you to get shipping rates from the FedEx API which handles both domestic and international parcels. The extension requires your store to use US or Canadian dollars as its currency. Other units can be converted automatically. Also, you need to have SOAP installed. More than this, the plugin works with inches and pounds.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Features

  • Rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery to more than 220 countries and territories.
  • Control the services and rates you offer customers.
  • Two packing methods with FedEx, per item and pack into boxes.
  • Setting up box sizes.
  • You can manually rearrange the order of FedEx services.

See what’s in it for you

Box Packing

The box packer which is included in this shipping method allows you to group products into packages. More than this, you will be able to define the height, width, length, weight and max-weight. However, the packing is primarily based on volume, but it also considers item size.

Handling Fees

Use Price Adjustment column to add handling fees to shipping calculations. FedEx services can be boosted separately if you use the price adjustment column in the row. To continue, you can use this to add a flat amount to the shipping quote or to increase it by percentage.

Customer Usage

Customers are able to get quotes based on the address they enter from two places. Firstly, from the cart page – by using the shipping calculator. Secondly, from the checkout page – by filling in shipping and billing forms. Moreover, each customer will have the possibility to select the rate.

Quotes calculations


  • First Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • Standard Overnight
  • FedEx 2 day am
  • FedEx 2 day
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • Ground Home Delivery
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx First Freight
  • FedEx Freight Economy
  • FedEx Freight Priority
  • Smart Post (if enabled on account)


  • International Economy
  • International First
  • International Priority
  • Europe First International Priority
  • FedEx 1 day freight
  • FedEx 2 day freight
  • FedEx 3 day freight
  • International Economy Freight
  • International Priority Freight
  • Fedex Freight
  • Fedex National Freight
  • International Ground
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Obtain shipping rates dynamically via the FedEx API for your orders.


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