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WooCommerce Product Bundles allows you to create and offer highly configurable product bundles, kits and assemblies, that contain simple and variable items. Version: 6.16.0

Released on: 2022-07-17

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Find out More About WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce Product Bundles enables you to produce and provide extremely configurable product bundles, packages and assemblies, that consist of simple and variable items. More than this, Product Bundles is probably the most straightforward WooCommerce extension for creating configurable product packages. With Bundles, you can rapidly develop complicated products or generate easy discount combos by combining simple and adjustable items.

WooCommerce Product Bundles Features

  • Assistance for easy, adjustable and subscription items
  • Perfect for applications with strict inventory management needs
  • Overrides the automatic bundled product amount price: the quantity field of every bundled item worth the Minimum Quantity.
  • Adaptable pricing and shipping alternatives
  • Configurable bundled item amounts and optional bundled products
  • Innovative setting choices
  • Works with a variable bundle weight each time a bundle consists of constructed products: constructed bundles have a fixed weight, which is described under Product Data > Shipping > Weight. Assembled bundled items (Shipped Individually disabled) have no impact on the weight of their container.
  • Functions with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Assistance for several well-liked WooCommerce extensions such as Product Add-ons, Name Your Price and Composite Products


How to Install the Plugin

First of all, you download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.

Secondly, you go to Add New and Upload Plugin at the top.

After that, you Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded at the first step.

In the end, you click Install now and Activate the extension.

Tips and Tricks

  • Firstly, make optional bundled products have automatically selection. Therefore, optional bundled product checkboxes are unticked by default.
  • Moreover, eliminate the “optional” suffix from optional bundled product headings. The extension adds an “- optional” suffix next to the name of bundled products that were optional.
  • In addition, determine quantity restrictions (min/max) for the overall quantity of chosen bundled products. As they are, Product Bundles do not contain choices for determining bundled product quantity constraints at bundle-level. Instead, you may utilize WooCommerce Mix ‘n Match, which enables you to determine container-level amount restrictions for varieties of grouped items.
  • Furthermore, allow discounts over bundled product sale prices. Do not ignore sale prices when applying bundled item discounts.
  • Besides that, modify the look of product subtotals in the cart/orders. Equally important, add together the subtotals of parent/child line products in cart/order templates. Also, show the aggregated worth instead of the actual subtotal of the parent product. Additionally, intend and display the subtotals of individually-priced items with a Subtotal: prefix.

How to use the plugin

After you activate it, this option will pop up on your screen:

first time

Then go below the page to Product data-> Bundled products.

From there, you have a bunch of options, as the layout, which can be: standard, tabular or grid.

product bundle

What is more, you can even choose the form location:

WooCommerce Product Bundles

Also choose the grouping options: Grouped, Flat or None.

The Minimum Bundle Size is is set to 0, but you can choose whichever option you want, as well as the maximum size. This entirely depends on your type of business and purpose.

woocommerce product bundles (2)

You can also check the “Edit in Cart” option. If you enable this, you will able to change the configuration of the bundles in the cart.

Finally, click on “Add product” in order to put in practice the above mentioned settings. After adding the product in the list, you can go through the 2 types of settings: basic and advanced settings.

woocommerce product bundles basic settings

Regarding the basic settings, you can set them to be optional or leave the box blank in order to make it required. Also set the minimum quantity and the maximum one. You can set the default quantity, too. If you want your products to be priced individually, simply do so by checking the last box.

advanced settings woocommerce product bundles

You can check here the visibility of your products’ details from here and uncheck the options that you don’t want to show, like: product details, cart / checkout or order details. You can also override the title and the short description, as well as hiding the thumbnail.


To sum up, Woocommerce Product Bundles is a helpful plugin that helps you create amazing and unique sites. Discover it along with other plugins from EffectIO and start doing web design at a professional level!

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  1. edendvatri321

    This allows you to create and offer highly configurable product bundles!!!

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  2. Excellent


    This helped me to create discount combos!

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  3. martindumas8

    Good product, thank you Effectio 🙂

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  4. sekstefani

    Configurable bundled product quantities and optional bundled items, Perfect product!!

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  5. jani.simon

    So many features:flexible pricing and shipping options, configurable bundled product quantities and optional bundled items, advanced configuration options and also the good thing is that works with WooCommerce subscriptions!

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  6. Question


    Hi, Will this plug allow me to generate a page anything like this combining several simple products and displaying individual discounts within the bundle: https://www.broadcastwarehouse.com/fm-community-radio/6/package



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    • Adrian

      Yep, it will allow you to bundle together a few other products. Try it out, it come with money back guarantee, like everything else!

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Offer product bundles, bulk discount packages, and assembled products.

*** WooCommerce Product Bundles ***

2022.07.12 - version 6.16.0
* Tweak - Improved support for the Min/Max Quantities 'Group of' feature.
* Tweak - Introduced client-side min/max/default quantity validation.
* Tweak - Introduced basic telemetry to collect data on extension usage when tracking is enabled.
* Fix - Fixed a fatal error that was triggered from calling product functions on string.
* Fix - Fixed a fatal error that was triggered when invalidating order cache.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented bundled item and Bundle-Sells discounts with comma separated decimals from being saved.

2022.05.31 - version 6.15.5
* Important - WooCommerce version 3.9+ is now required.
* Fix - Include minified frontend script files for the new Cart and Checkout blocks integration. 

2022.05.31 - version 6.15.4
* Tweak


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