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WooCommerce Recommendation Engine allows you to configure Amazon style product recommendation for your customers, based on different criteria. Version: 3.2.9

Released on: 2022-06-19

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WooCommerce Recommendation Engine will allow you to configure Netflix and Amazon style product recommendation for your customers, based on different criteria, such as: view history, purchase history or products that are frequently purchased together.

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine is a great way to provide for automatic cross and up sells, and will help users browse and purchase more products from your store.

Types of Recommendations:

Related Products By View

This module shows products which customers also viewed. It is an excellent way to provide automatic related products and to help drive users to view products they might not have otherwise found.

Related Products by Purchase History

This module shows products that are often purchased by the same users. It is a great way to get users to purchase more products at the same time by showing them things that other users have came back to the site to purchase later.

Products Purchased Together

This module shows products which are frequently purchased at the same time and on the same order. Excellent way to get shoppers to purchase products they might not have been considering or had thought they would need.



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WooCommerce Recommendation Engine is a smart recommendation engine for your store, providing automatic cross sells based on users viewing and purcahsing history.

*** WooCommerce Recommendation Engine Changelog ***
2022.06.08 - version 3.2.9
 * Fix: Fix view template for the shortcode, woocommerce_related_products_by_status when using the completed status.
 * Update: Include new filters when rebuilding items directly from the admin dashboard.
 * Update: WC and WP Updates.

2022.01.12 - version 3.2.8
 * New: New filter, woocommerce_recommender_purchased_together_status, which will allow you to change the status that purchased together is built from.
 add_filter('woocommerce_recommender_purchased_together_status', function($status) { return 'processing'; });

 * New: New filter, woocommerce_recommender_also_purchased_status, which allows you to change the status the Also Purchased is rebuild from.
 add_filter('woocommerce_recommender_also_purchased_status', function($status) { return 'processing'; });
 * Update: WC and WP Updates.

2021.07.14 - version 3.2.7
 * Update: WC and WP Updates.

2021.02.12 - version 3.2.6
 * Update: WP and WC version compatibility


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Nice work!

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@effectioshop As an eCommerce developer, effectio.org has enabled me to reach higher expectations and my clients are very happy.

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