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WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite allows you to import, merge, and export products and variations to and from WooCommerce using a CSV file. Version: 1.10.38

Released on: 2020-11-20

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WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite enables you to import, combine, and export items and item variations to and from WooCommerce using a CSV file. Plugin CSV Import Suite goes beyond the standard import/export device accessible in WooCommerce to support more extensions, such as WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Photography and Google Product Feed.

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite Allows you to:

This is a user-friendly importer, with clear instructions that help you import: Categories, Tags, Products and other Product details.

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite Key Features:

  • Import text based product data, such as prices, descriptions, images.
  • Import custom fields (meta), taxonomies, attributes and more.
  • Import product variations.
  • Merge products. This feature is very useful for adding more information to existing products.
  • Export products and variations.
  • Extra flexibility for remapping your fields after uploading your CVSs.

How to Create a CSV

You need a CSV that is made up of your item details so that new products or products already existing products could be imported or updated. The plugin allows you to do the following things:

  1.   Export a CSV of products from a shop that already exists
  2.   Generate a CSV of items by utilizing the blank and formatted CSV file
  3.   Download a CSV file with a sample data from GitHub and replace it
  4.   Make use of your personal CSV with any detail you would like to include.

If you utilize the built-in WooCommerce tool to export a CSV, it already uses the schema and is ready to use. The blank and formatted CSV file also uses the schema, but you have to be sure to enter the info as it is instructed at Product CSV Import Schema.

Tips & Tricks

Manage and Sync Your Catalog

Product CSV Import Suite is much more than the basic import/export tool that you can find in WooCommerce. This plugin supports more extensions, such as WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Photography or Google Product Feed.

Import Special Details in a Snap

Product CSV Import Suite catches custom field details, without demanding custom code, so you can include extra information in your imports and exports. Furthermore, you can import details into any custom taxonomies, so you can add or update all the information about your items.

Export all Your Data From Your Store

If you have a lot of items in your shop, you may face some difficulties with exporting all of them at once. With Product CSV Import Suite, establish a limit on how many you’d prefer to export, or skip exporting the first X rows of products, in order to make your exports more controllable.



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Import and export products and variations straight from WordPress admin. Go to WooCommerce > CSV Import Suite to get started. Supports post fields, product data, custom post types, taxonomies, and images.

*** Product CSV Import Suite Changelog ***

2020-11-05 - version 1.10.38
* Fix - Use core's status functions instead of hardcoding for validations.

2020-09-29 - version 1.10.37
* Fix - Issue when exporting empty variations file.
* Fix - Fix Broken Import of 0 Value Attributes.

2020-08-18 - version 1.10.36
* Fix - Replace deprecated jQuery methods.
* Tweak - WordPress 5.5 compatibility.

2020-07-07 - version 1.10.35
* Fix - Escape output for selectWoo fields.

2020-06-05 - version 1.10.34
* Tweak - WC 4.2 compatibility.

2020-04-30 - version 1.10.33
* Tweak - Remove legacy code.
* Fix - Fix slug creation for child taxonomies.
* Tweak - WC 4.1 compatibility.

2020-03-04 - version 1.10.32
* Tweak -


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