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Open this in UX Builder to add and edit content

Open this in UX Builder to add and edit content

You’ve heard about it, plenty of marketers speaks about it, but at the end of the day… what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the technologies constructed to automate actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

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Newsletter – Best performing marketing channel, now automated

This marketing channel it’s the best one year after year. It’s great because it can easily let you deliver the right message at the right time, to be read by the right recipient. If you can’t hit that trifecta, your campaign will head to the trash without the slightest chance of being read.

In order to be successfully at this, our recommendation is to install the Subscribe to newsletter and Follow-up emails extensions. Simply placing an opt-in form on your website isn’t enough to build a large subscriber list. Sure, you will get the occasional subscriber here and there, but if you want to massively grow your list consider these options: Use an exit-intent pop-up offer; Promote your newsletter via social media or Run contests and giveaways.

Get Subscribe to Newsletter for $12.99

Abandoned cart emails – Success is in the Follow-up!

This one is the mantra of ones of the best sales persons we meet. Finding new market share and convincing them to buy is harder than sending emails to people that forgot (for whatever reason) to complete the checkout process.

They are the most qualified leads you could get and this could be your tipping point for them. Woo extension Cart reports it’s the correct one for this task.

Get Cart Reports for $12.99
Abandoned Cart Automation

Automated flows

Automation tools like Hootsuite can be a real timesaver. But, you can take that automation to the next level by using tools like Zapier. Basically, the extension make it possible for apps, systems and websites to talk to each other.

For example, you could create a “zap” that automatically posts new WordPress posts into your Facebook page. Automatically reward customers when they register for events or appointments? There’s a “zap” for that too.

With over 750 integrated apps, anyone can build workflows with a few clicks.

Get WooCommerce Zapier for $12.99

Customers Reviews – SEO content and trust increase

Ask Rand or Cutts (even if he left Google) and they will tell you that relevant content it’s and will be the foundation for any search engine. All the giants are massively investing in understanding the natural language and using that knowledge into AI: The point is that you don’t have to create all the content.

David Allen’s Getting Things Done® methodology teaches about delegation. Portions of content could be delegated to the crowd with this simple extension for Customers reviews. And if you have trust issues about crowdsourcing, we think that everyone knows at least a story about the products reviews from Amazon.

This way, you could focus on the more pressing or most important aspects of your projects.

Get WooCommerce Customer Reviews Pro for $12.99
Customers Reviews
Pop-ups Exit Intent

Exit-intent technology for pop-ups – Should people get second chances?

It seems like every site you visit wants you to sign up for a newsletter, take advantage of an offer, visit a sponsor, or provide feedback. So everybody hates them, yet user testings show us that they are effective. We don’t encourage you to use them as soon as the user land on your website and needier Google does so.

After many tests, using the exit-intent pop-ups could be a real uplift for almost every niche. After many tests, our proposal for your WooCommerce webzine is to use the Splash Popup extension. Easy and straightforward to set up, it’s simply the best.

Get Splash Popup for $7.99

Net Promoter Score – The one number you need to grow

True loyalty clearly affects profitability. While regular customers aren’t always profitable, their choice to stick with a product or service typically reduces a company’s customer acquisition costs. Loyalty also drives top-line growth. Obviously, no company can grow if its customer bucket is leaky, but loyalty helps eliminate this outflow.

You can receive the feedback from your customers in order to increase their experience with your store by using the Follow-up emails extension. We mentioned this plugin earlyer. You can automate a lot using this extension, so get it now while we still have this deal for you.

Get Follow Up Emails for $21.99

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